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Bilingual Summer Camp Ayla 2017


Starts on June 5 till September 1

Summer Camp /夏キャンプアイラ

Winter Camp

Winter Camp /冬キャンプアイラ

Dec. 4, 2017 till January 12, 2018

All Year Around Enrollment!

Ayla International School now accepting new students!

Join Ayla and give your child a head start! Our effective preschool programs lay a foundation of social skills, knowledge and self confidence that paves the way for success in kindergarten and beyond. Many studies have shown the importance of preschool and the long-lasting benefits a preschool program provides. We are an affordable preschool program which is open to children ages 1 till 9 years old. We are child-friendly with great classroom facilities.

Our creative, professional, mature and engaging staff will be happy to care for your child. Our flexible program gives you the option to register for morning, afternoon or full-day programs and the choice to send your child one day per week, or up to all five! International, Bi-cultural and Japanese residents are always welcome!

Registration packets are available, so please call for a visit.

Spring, Summer and Winter Camps

Ayla Spring, Summer and Winter Camps are held every year with the intention of exploring children’s potential creativity, independence, and enthusiasm. The camp program offers English and Japanese bilingual program to encourage children to be open to the opportunity to enjoy Dual Languages.

Join us for A Great Fun Time!



Application Form (冬夏冬キャンプ・アイラ)

Venue: Ayla International School

Time: 9:00 ~17:00

Every child is unique, special and different.

We believe that each child have their own special needs and approaches of learning. At Ayla, we try to develop fun learning towards music, art and nature.

Through our play-debrief-replay approach, we provide opportunities for creative, investigative play followed by helping children to reflect on their play experiences. Our curriculum encourages children to grow in their capacity to understand the concepts and improvise on important ideas. Field trips such as “imo hori” (sweet potatoes digging); visit to the zoo; aquarium and more will broaden their knowledge and understanding.

Program Overview

Ayla International School prepares students through a bilingual integrated curriculum with a strong emphasis in music, art and nature. Japanese and English speaking teachers cooperatively teach each “gumi” to meet early childhood education guidelines. AIS is registered and approved as a school by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Art, music, nature observation, math, science, ESL and JSL are systematically integrated into learning activities and are the basis of AIS curriculum. Students spend half of their day learning in Japanese and half of their day in English. Skills in both languages are taught and reinforced as part of instructional units.


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