Application Procedures & School Policy

Thank you for your interest in Ayla International School

Here is how you apply:

  1. Check availability:  Please contact admissions to confirm space availability.
  2. Contact: Fill in the  online “contact form” and make an appointment. You can find on on the Menu Bar under “contact us”.
  3. Visit school: You will be contacted by the school director for a school tour and  an interview.
  4. Half day trial:Before your child is accepted for enrollment, you’ll be asked to send your child for a half day trial lesson at Ayla. This is to allow us to assess his / her social-emotional development and ability to adapt.
  5. Notification: You will be notified at the end of the  trial day if your child match to our program.
  6. Send appliction: Almost all our required documents can be found online. Please fill in all the documents online. You can send the rest by postal mail or scan it and send it via e-mail.
  7. Upon completing all the above application steps, successful applicants will receive a formal letter of admissions from the school, followed by an invoice, indicating the amount and due dates for tuition.
  8. All tuition fees needs to be paid before the due date and all fees are non-refundable.

Notes: Classes are kept to a low student-teacher ratio and often fill up quickly. Your spot will be reserved upon payment of the tuition fee.

Admissions process (applying for enrollment)

Space is still available for this school year! If prospective parents have determined a match for their child, then contact us online for a school visit.

For further inquiries please contact Teri at

AIS will contact the parents as soon as possible to communicate admissions. If there is a waiting list, AIS will also communicate this status.







call: 03-3448-2585

mobile: 090-8024-9014