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What is Ayla?

Bilingual, Creative, Playful Learning!

Multi-age Program where every child is viewed as unique individuals. We teach each child according to his or her own strengths through the Ayla Method. Through this method, children learn to become a “family of learners”. They are invited to take charge of their learning by making choices at centers and with project work. This sense of self-direction will lead them to the foundation of lifelong learning.
At Ayla, we thrive to increase the dynamic of children’s level of independence and competence.

Why Ayla?

All Year Around Enrollment!

Ayla International School now accepting new students!

Join Ayla and give your child a head start! Our effective preschool programs lay a foundation of social skills, knowledge and self confidence that paves the way for success in kindergarten and beyond. Many studies have shown the importance of preschool and the long-lasting benefits a preschool program provides. We are an affordable preschool program which is open to children ages 1 till 9 years old. We are child-friendly with great classroom facilities.

Our creative, professional, mature and engaging staff will be happy to care for your child. Our flexible program gives you the option to register for morning, afternoon or full-day programs and the choice to send your child one day per week, or up to all five! International, Bi-cultural and Japanese residents are always welcome!

Registration packets are available, so please call for a visit.

e-mail: information@aylais.com

call: 03-3448-2585

mobile: 090-8024-9014